WooCommerce PayPal Payments Advanced plugin

PayPal AdvancedIntroducing the PayPal Payments Advanced plugin for WooCommerce.

This is LimeCuda’s first major foray into the Premium WordPress plugin/extension market. We’re very excited!

So what does this do?

WooCommerce PayPal Advanced

This plugin combines two essential elements of an eCommerce cart checkout: woocommerce_logo

  1. a merchant account
  2. a payment gateway

It does all of this while keeping customers on your site for the entire checkout experience.  This means the user has a unified, branded experience throughout the entire purchasing process.

PayPal Advanced checkout screen


Key Features:

  • Unlike most on-site, seamless gateways this is only $5/month. Most cost at least $30/month whether you sell anything or not. (The cost can be this low cause PayPal has put their BillMeLater and PayPal Express checkout options along with it)
  • Simpler PCI compliance. Doesn’t require an SSL certificate (although it is recommended for higher user trust)
  • Works by using an iFrame to contain a checkout page hosted by PayPal

PayPal Advanced WooCommerce settings




  1. Wendy says

    Is there a support forum for this? I cannot get this plugin to work correctly. I’m a web developer so I’m not completely inept.

  2. says

    Getting the following error in the configuration screen for the Payment Gateways: “Gateway Disabled: PayPal does not support your store currency.”

    Please help. I am using USD currency!

  3. says

    I have made numerous tickets with woo and have not got a response. I have worked with paypal on the phone numerous times and they keep saying the issue is with the plugin api information. Everything works fine until you try to process the credit card or chose paypal and then it says the merchant bank PayPal will not authorize the transaction. I have checked and triple checked all the user names and passwords and went through the set up multiple time but still can’t get the plugin to process a transaction. Please help.

  4. says

    My client purchased this extension through a previous developer and now we want to update it to v1.7. How can we accomplish this? It’s installed and working on her site but she doesn’t have the purchase receipt or email since it went through the developer, who has disappeared. Also, I can’t find anything about updating on the WooCommerce site.

    Can you please help?

  5. Joey says

    Do you plan to add the paypal logo to the right hand side of the PayPal Advanced payment option? Other payment options show their logo. I use Stripe and the default WooCommerce PayPal option as of right now because I haven’t been able to get the advanced plugin to work due to the CSC field being inoperable. Still trying to troubleshoot with PayPal. I plan to remove the default PayPal payment option because keeping customers onsite with the advanced plugin is obvioulsy better than the redirect method. The default paypal payment option has the logo and I don’t see the logo with the advanced plugin…

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