New cPanel Upgrade for Hosting Accounts

Those clients that host their sites with us, your lives just got ever-so-slightly better. We recently upgraded the LimeCuda dedicated servers to the latest version of WHM/cPanel. This is the software that runs on the hosting side of things and makes it much easier to manage the technical aspects of your site.

Without dragging you through the boring details just know that this means better security, improved usability, and a beautiful new interface.


Never used cPanel? Here are some of the ways it can be used…

  • Creating webmail accounts (unless you are using Google Apps for Domains as email)
  • Create subdomains
  • Create redirects
  • Edit DNS
  • Create MySQL databases and edit them with phpMyAdmin

You can log in at – so basically just add a /cpanel to the end of your domain and you should be presented with this screen:


Nota Bene: Just because you can access this, it might not be a good idea to just change things unless you know what you’re doing. When in doubt check with us and we can give you some direction. :)

Have a question about hosting or using cPanel? Give us a call at 724-870-4742



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