WooCommerce PayPal Payments Advanced plugin

PayPal Advanced

Introducing the PayPal Payments Advanced plugin for WooCommerce. This is LimeCuda’s first major foray into the Premium WordPress plugin/extension market. We’re very excited! So what does this do? WooCommerce PayPal Advanced This plugin combines two essential elements of an eCommerce cart checkout: a merchant account a payment gateway It does all of this while keeping […]

How the Mobile Web WILL Affect Your Business


There are some amazing new statistics about mobile phone usage.  With these numbers, there is no doubt that mobile must be a major aspect of small business’ web strategy and will only become more important.  In this next phase of Internet evolution, how will your business be affected? At LimeCuda, our biggest pet peeve is seeing our […]

SEO Over-Optimization?


Keeping you in the loop on some interesting SEO changes from Google; we’ve got your back Jack. Google search/spam guru, Matt Cutts, recently threw the SEO world into an upheaval when he said… So all those people who have sort have been doing, for lack of a better word, “over optimization,” or overly doing their […]

New cPanel Upgrade for Hosting Accounts


Those clients that host their sites with us, your lives just got ever-so-slightly better. We recently upgraded the LimeCuda dedicated servers to the latest version of WHM/cPanel. This is the software that runs on the hosting side of things and makes it much easier to manage the technical aspects of your site. Without dragging you […]

Looking for a web developer?

looking for a web developer

Working email support for a popular WordPress theme developer, I’ve come across a lot of inexperienced design firms that promote themselves as “experts”.  With advances in technology, the entry into the web development industry has never been easier.  A reality that has created many opportunists trying to make a quick buck.  Although it is easier […]