DIY Website Builders – Friend or Foe?


There has been a lot of chatter in our industry over the last couple of years due to the growth in popularity and usability of DIY Website Builders. What is a DIY Website Builder? These are websites where you can go and build your own website for free or very inexpensively without any coding. You know, I’m sure […]

User Experience! Why Everyone Hates Your Website


At its most basic, User Experience (UX) design is exactly what it sounds like. You’re designing and working towards users having the best possible experience using your website or application. This means they can quickly determine what your website is about, finding the information they’re looking for is a breeze, and accomplishing necessary tasks takes […]

LimeCuda is now in East Lansing, Michigan

WordPress design East Lansing

Big news for LimeCuda and myself (Blake): We’ve relocated to East Lansing, Michigan! Most of you are probably already aware of this as technically we moved a few months ago. But consider this the official announcement post. This really won’t affect most of our customers or the way we serve you, except our mailing address […]

The Mallard Family is Growing!


A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I welcomed our second son into the world, Hudson Forrester Mallard. We’re excited about the growing family and our 2 year old is happy to have “BABY!” around. He’s already started talking to him and reading him books :)

Not Annotating in Google Analytics? You’re Missing Out


Have you ever made a change to your website hoping it will increase your traffic or specific conversions? How do you track the effectiveness of this change? One simple way to track your efforts is to take advantage of annotations within your Google Analytics account. What are Annotations in Google Analytics? Annotating in Google Analytics […]

WooCommerce PayPal Payments Advanced plugin

PayPal Advanced

Introducing the PayPal Payments Advanced plugin for WooCommerce. This is LimeCuda’s first major foray into the Premium WordPress plugin/extension market. We’re very excited! So what does this do? WooCommerce PayPal Advanced This plugin combines two essential elements of an eCommerce cart checkout: a merchant account a payment gateway It does all of this while keeping […]