Our Philosophy

It’s all about gaining and keeping customers!

Everything you’re doing online for your business should help you either find or keep customers. If it isn’t doing that it is likely a waste.

Design Philosophy

Flashy design, movement, and pretty pictures are great but we always keep in mind that design is a tool. If design is not helping you get more business then it is like having a work of art that you hang in your basement.

Design is also subjective. Some people will think a design is the greatest and others may not even think about it. LimeCuda builds your site to appeal to your target market. We also abide by convention as much as possible in layout because if a user finds your site easy to use and visits more pages, the possibility of gaining a customer increases.

Development Philosophy

Although we try to utilize available plugins and tools for adding advanced functionality to websites, we occasionally need to develop our own plugins to get the desired results for a project. When we do, our primary focus is always on WordPress standards compliance as well as future proofing. This focus ensures your website will function smoothly for the life of your site.

Content Philosophy

We’re all about freedom and empowerment with your website. It’s your site, you should be able to make changes to the text, images, and more.

WordPress has always been about making managing a website accessible to everyone, you shouldn’t need to be a code monkey to expand your site. ¬†As much as possible we build the site in such a way where you won’t need to call us to make changes for you.

Need training? We can train your team how to use WordPress and are always available if you get stuck.

Marketing Philosophy

In this arena integrity is everything. There are so many people out there trying to make a buck off you by any means.

When trying to help you rank in the search engines we use only ethical “white hat” techniques. No one likes getting spammed and we certainly do not want to be part of the problem. In the end a clean and ethical approach to SEO is the best approach for long-term ranking. Companies that engage in “quick ranking” tactics will eventually find the money was wasted.

Anyone who says they will guarantee you #1 rankings is either foolish or lying . We only brag about #1 rankings after we have achieved them for you.